Discovering the Aralez

Aralez is an Armenian premium class fruit brandy fully handmade and handcrafted. Every single drop of Aralez spirits are made from the finest fruits, using meticulous processes. Each bottle of Aralez Brandy is a striking combination of quality, craftsmanship and taste. We use premium German pot steels for a perfect distillation. Many of the world’s most innovative distillers choose Carl distillery equipment as we do.

Our spirits are kept in special cellars and are carefully monitored under 24-hour non stop classical or spiritual music. Our barrels are completely handcrafted with oak wood from the Limousin forest in France. Our branding and packaging design is made by a world famous multi award winning Spanish company SeriesNemo. The only 2 things we use Armenian are our fantastic water and incomparable fruits. All our production has limited quantity and we guarantee unique taste and excellent quality for each of them.

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